Golden Farms is real food. Our story begins with deliciously exotic, sustainably sourced produce that makes healthy eating fun. From the onion fields of the Netherlands to Costa Rica’s organic pineapple acres, Golden Farms partners with family owned farms to bring the world’s most delicious picks home to your kitchen. We take meticulous care at each step of our product's global journey to capture peak freshness and flavor. Seed to shelf and farm to fork -- from planning to cultivating and processing to packing -- every move we make is designed to give you delicioous quality, superior safety, and easy-to-enjoy convenience.
At Golden Farms, our team is like a big farm family. Real food is the passion we all share — and one we’ve pursued together for more than 28 years! From our start with pineapple in 1991 and crispy fried onions in 1999, we quickly grew to offer tropicals from mango to hearts of palm, plantain, and cassava. Whether we’re in your freezer or on your pantry shelves, we love connecting your palate with the goodness of Caribbean culture, new comfort foods, healthy snack ideas, tasty delicacies, and wholesome staples from around the world. We hope you'll explore our products and enjoy - we do!
Susse Budde
President / CEO

Skills: Gifted at Galaga — can play 2+ hours on a single quarter.

Noteworthy: Recovering sugar addict with nearly limitless capacity to consume popsicles.

Bragging Rights: Once won 18K in football pool — football Sunday’s sacred in her household!

Peter Digebjerg

Skills: Boundless ability to drink Italian espresso — had to go to the ER after proving it.

Noteworthy: Once agreed to be a passenger in an ultra-light airplane (never again).

Bragging Rights: This golf guru has made four hole-in-ones.

Johan Andersson
EVP Sales

Skills: Enduring ability to ski double black diamonds and play scratch golf.

Noteworthy: Grew up in Sweden idolizing ABBA, Bjorn Borg, and skier Ingemar Stenmark.

Bragging Rights: Once won his golf club championship for 7 straight years!

Gary Pletcher
VP Administration

Skills: Proven brains and brawn: Junior Olympic 100 yard dash finalist, college football running and defensive back, outstanding graduate student, University of North Texas.

Noteworthy: Once forced to climb a tree to escape several very angry, very wild hogs.

Bragging Rights: With four degrees, one in Psychology, this guy can read your mind.

Tom Krause
Operations Manager

Skills: Can explain (and diagram) the entire supply chain in detail after 30 years in food manufacturing.

Noteworthy: Takes losses like a champ, like the time he was pinned by the entire Chicago Knockers mud wrestling team.

Bragging Rights: Drove a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda at age 15 — for a few minutes, anyway, before wrecking it and having to give it back to his sis’s boyfriend.

Sandy Enfinger
Customer Service Manager

Skills: Grandmother of six, mother of two, best human to one special Yorkie named Quincy.

Noteworthy: Is revered at Golden Farms for knowing how to do, basically, everything.

Bragging Rights: Has been in the food industry since 1961, and amazingly, is still only 39.

Paw Sriprasit
Compliance Manager

Skills: Able to type really fast without looking at the keyboard one little bit.

Noteworthy: Scholarships let her be a student so long she nearly forgot to get a job!

Bragging Rights: Got on a flight with free wine for the first time and really, really made the most of it.

Ronald Segura
EVP International Sales and Costa Rica Operations

Skills: Nature photographer.

Noteworthy: Turns into an Olympic-style race walker when talking over the phone.

Bragging Rights: Can eat pineapple every single day.

One of Jorn's most fervent wishes was to help more peple get the cutting edge treatments and care he was afforded in his fight against Glioblastoma brain cancer. If you would like to honor Jorn, please consider giving to The Jorn Budde Memorial Fund.
Jorn Budde was a food industry legend. Born in Silkeborg, Denmark, a young Jorn quickly catapulted from a start at Danish food company, Plumrose, to become president of Jimmy Dean Foods in Dallas, Texas. Jorn's ability to think big inevitably drove him to go out on his own. He founded Grosnez Management Inc., then founded and took The Unimark Group public - a move that earned him an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist nod from Forbes. After trying his hand at retirement, Jorn quickly realized it wasn't his style. Instead, he founded Pasco Foods, Inc. Over the next 20 years, Pasco's dramatic growth led one market expert to comment, "Jorn always saw the world in big pictures while most of the rest of us only saw the little steps to build a big picture."
Competitive by nature, Jorn was an avid golfer, card shark, world traveler, wine connoisseur, and history buff. To his family and closest friends, he was affectionately known as "Farmer Jorn" for the endless collection of animals roaming his modest ranch in Spicewood, Texas. His passions included PGA golf, NFL football, World Soccer, gastronomy, gardening, anything Danish, and most importantly, helping people. Pasco Foods' continued success is Jorn's legacy, and a direct result of his expert leadership and dogged determination to succeed. As the Pasco team pursues Jorn's vision, we'll always remember his brilliant mind, savvy entrepreneurship, generous spirit, larger-than-life personality, and deep devotion to family and friends. His was a life well-lived.
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Corporate Office: 512.956.7705

Retail Sales: 817.491.9949

Foodservice Sales: 512.956.7716


2121 Lohmans Crossing Rd.

Ste. 504 – PMB366

Lakeway, TX 78734